Two Children on the Couch

Family Mediation on Long Island: family mediation in New York City

Two Kids on The Beach

Very often during the childhood and especially teenage years, parents may not agree on how to relate with the children or how to resolve certain issues. Mediation is perfect for discussing these issues with a neutral third party present during a family mediation. In addition, our family mediators have mediated cases with the parents and the teenagers so as to help the family resolve certain disputes that seem to be insurmountable at home. In a mediation setting with a trained professional mediator, resolution of these issues just may become much easier.

Furthermore, after separation or divorce, families and the new families created may experience issues arising amongst themselves or between these new families. Family mediation is a great source for working through these issues and coming together to resolve disputes.

Creating parenting plans and revising these plans as the children grow following separation or divorce is also done in Family Mediation at our Center. Our center also provides mediation for elder care.