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child support agreements for our new york city clients

Creating Realistic Child Support Agreements in Long Island, NY

Child support agreements can be difficult to make peacefully, but our mediators in Long Island, NY, are equipped with the experience and tactics to assist you in reaching a compromise. During the process, we'll discuss child support guidelines, education expenses, health insurance, and any additional expenses your child may require as they grow. We can also consider "add-ons" in order to reach an agreement that fits your lifestyle and is in the best interests of your family.

Important Information About Child Support Law

In New York, child support is usually paid by the non-custodial parent for the support, maintenance, and education of the children. Voluntary gifts, transportation, vacation expenses or certain extracurricular activities, events, and extra expenses for the benefit of the child may not be considered "child support." Child support stops when a child reaches the age of 21 or is earlier emancipated. The parents may agree to support their children beyond the age of 21, for example, until the children graduate from college.