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Impartial Divorce Mediation Services in Long Island, NY

Maintain peace during divorce proceedings by utilizing our divorce mediation services. When you come to our mediation center, we'll assist you with issues that affect your life and your family's lives, such as custody, visitation, child support, property distribution, and financial distribution. If necessary, we can also work with financial planners, appraisers, child therapists, and actuaries for pension evaluations.

Important Factors Involved with Divorce

There are many factors to consider during a divorce. Our mediator attorneys in Long Island, NY, can assist you in discussing the following issues:

Blended Families

Blended families have the highest rate of divorce, so we mediate new roles and expectations for each spouse after the divorce. We'll carefully review every issue to avoid commonly destructive forces in new families and spouses.

Post-Marital Adjustments

This can include a variety of aspects to discuss when it comes to post-marital adjustments. Common issues are co-parenting plans after a divorce, asset allocation, property distributions, etc.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Whether you're marrying at a later age or you've had multiple marriages in the past, a pre-nuptial agreement is always a smart choice. This ensures that in the event of a divorce, everyone is treated fairly. However, if the initial agreement is handled poorly, it can end the relationship. Our mediators will help you come to a solution that satisfies both parties.

Pet Visitations

For those that love their pets, it's important to consider their interests to make everyone's life better. They don't have to end up with only one "parent." Instead, we can help you come up with a formal agreement involving shared visitation, similarly to child custody cases.