Separating Couple

Mediating Legal Separation in Long Island, NY

Legal separation allows both parties to take a break from each other while they work out the best way to proceed in their marriage. Our attorneys and mediators are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to assist you in preparing the paperwork necessary for a legal separation. We'll work together to come to an agreement that works for both spouses during the mediation process.

There are many benefits to legal separation compared to divorce. During your free consultation, the mediator will discuss the pros and cons of a separation agreement. We can also review the document with you once it has been prepared.

Uncontested Divorce

If a couple cannot work out their marriage difficulties, the end result is a divorce. When both parties amicably agree on this outcome, an uncontested divorce can proceed. This is simply a divorce without the battle, which is much quicker, less costly, and less stressful on everyone involved. You won't have to face the courtroom, as the attorney filing the paperwork handles that responsibility. We'll help you understand the process and the fees associated with it. Once we complete the uncontested divorce, our attorneys can file the legal documentation and obtain the decree.