Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Divorcing couples: litigate or mediate?

A: The nature of the divorce process involving litigation is to fight each other to win. Each party hires their own attorney to fight in court for the most they can get, without thinking about what each party needs or wants. This is not necessarily in anyone's best interest, especially when children are involved. Divorce mediation takes the fight out of the divorce process and puts you in control of your future and your decisions.

Q: Is divorce mediation for you?

A: Mediation has emerged over the last decade as an impressive alternative for couples to resolve their disputes with a negotiated settlement. In our divorce mediation practice, with the help of a divorce mediator, the divorcing couple will make their own decisions about the issues surrounding the separation of the couple.

The court system is even using mediation in their environments. The Supreme Court in Nassau County has required parent coordinators, divorce mediators, and therapists to aid in settling marital and or family disputes. Family courts are beginning to use mediators to deal with custody, visitation, and support issues even when you have already and continue to spend money on attorneys. The judges and courts are turning to alternative dispute resolution services to help couples make their own decisions.

Studies have shown that children fare much better, in divorce and separation, when both parties work together to dissolve a marriage.

Q: What does a mediator do?

A: A divorce mediator, as a neutral party, is positioned to intervene on behalf of the children and promote an agreement which is in the best interests of everyone involved. Divorce Mediation & Family Services has trained divorce mediators to aid in the divorce and separation process and to provide quality mediation and legal services.

You make your own decisions about your future, including property distribution, access to children, custody and parenting time arrangements, health insurance, and spousal maintenance (alimony). The divorce mediator offers the guidance and services you need and will help you make a tough transition as easy as possible.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Divorce mediation is significantly less costly, faster, and more importantly, it keeps a separation from turning into an ugly battle where everyone loses.

The average mediation takes between 3 and 6 hours. Once the mediation is completed, our attorney will draft the legal separation agreement or divorce stipulation, for which there will be a modest fee. Our divorce attorney will also prepare the legal paperwork leading to the divorce decree.

Q: My spouse and I can barely talk to each other, how can we mediate?

A: Mediation will work for couples who are amicable, as well as those who find it difficult to communicate with each other. With the training our divorce mediators have, we can diffuse the negative feelings and help each of you present your needs. At that time, the only thing that is required is a willingness to look for a fair way to settle the issues that must be decided. Family mediation, as well as divorce mediation, often helps people learn to communicate better.